Refund Policy

1. This policy sets out the refund policy for goods or services purchased through the online store operated by AJB Cured Meats.

2. All our products are perishable and hence are non returnable

3. If you are not happy with the product please contact AJB Cured Meats via email on and explain the issue.   We work to an exceptionally high standard and expect our product to meet your high expectations and are more than happy to discuss any issue you may have.

4. If the product you purchased was damaged in transit, or you think the item was not as described in the item description, please contact us first before requesting a refund as we may be able to resolve your problem to your satisfaction.

5. All deliveries must be checked against your order, and for damage, within 12 hours of delivery.   Any issues must be reported within 24 hours.

6. Any damages to the product caused by incorrect storage by the customer will not be refunded.   It is your responsibility to look after what is a perishable product.

7. In spite of what people have been lead to believe, Biltong does not have an indefinite shelf life in the UK due to the variable weather conditions.   Our Biltong has not been dried to be like saddle leather, rather it has been kept moist to add to the eating experience.   

8. So beware, heat + oxygen + moisture creates mould.   Our recommendation is to order what you want and get on and eat it, treating it as a perishable snack with a short shelf life, which will be displayed on the back of the packets.   That said if you keep it unopened (I use an oxygen absorber in each pack0 and in a cool dark place it will keep perfectly well for a few weeks.

9. No refund will be given for orders cancelled after despatch.

10. We endeavour to ensure next day delivery, but sometimes that changes due to weather etc and we will not offer refunds for late delivery up to 7 days after despatch.

We handmake all out products, and expect them to be of the best quality.  If you are dissatisfied with any of our products please do contact us at, or call on 01756 700342 and I will be more than happy to discuss these with you and endeavour to sort it out.