About Me

My name is Antony, and I make all the Biltong available on this site.   I have been curing my own meats for years and having been encouraged by my sons (Biltong officionados apparently, who knew?) to eat some of the best Biltong in South Africa, I decided to make my own.   

Much experimenting and tasting later (its a tough life) I have created what in my opinion, and that of the many, many people who have taste tested it from my Market stall, is a rather special Biltong that I am proud to offer for sale here in my online store.

To add to the picture, my wife's family were beef farmers from near Harrogate, and we have close relations living near Johannesburg - making Biltong seems to be my destiny.   Although they have now retired from beef farming, they still own the farm and have close connections with farming throughout Yorkshire, ensuring a supply of grass fed beef that can be traced back to the local farms.

My philosophy on meat was taught me by my father in law, which is to say that you get what you pay for and if you buy cheap meat, what do you expect to get. The truth is that quality matters, both for the care and attention afforded the cattle and the choice of cuts.   If I cut corners you know, and that is something I am not willing to do.